Friday, October 24, 2008

progress: slow

Had a slight nervous breakdown this morning regarding the shit from the last post, couldn't even bring myself to go to class. Tried to go to the counseling center and they turned me away. I didn't even know they were allowed to do that. Whatever. But I talked to my prof after class and I think I am back in his good graces. Now I just have to work my ass off this weekend and do really well on the in-class paper.
I really don't have that much going on... it's so stupid of me to even be stressed out. I don't know.

cherry coke zero - 0
half sandwich - 600
banana - 100
diet pepsi - 0
small handful walnuts - 150
tea- 0 (or rather, negligible)
wolfberries- 35
TOTAL: 885

Not too great but better than I have been doing. I wasn't actually hungry all day but I had to eat at work. That bakery bread will get you, man.
Wolfberries are fucking amazing, by the way. Loaded with antioxidants and all that, and fairly low in calories; anyways they're not something you'd want to eat a ton of.
Also happier because the sugar-free hazelnut finally came in! I asked the girl who does the ordering to get it, and she did... I love that my workplace functions like a coop sometimes. My americanos just got so much better.

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Ana-matronic said...

I have never ever heard of a there another name for them? I'm obsessed with anything antioxidant and low in calories.

Stick with it girl, don't let people pressure you into eating...after all, you're the one who has to look at yourself in the mirror, not them! If they do give you something and you can't avoid nibbling, get a huge cup of tea to go with it...drink as much as you can of the tea, and take only a few bites of the food. It will make you feel full so you wont eat more than you want to. Good luck, and stay strong!
xoxo Ana-matronic