Wednesday, October 15, 2008

it seems like I can't do anything right lately

Ate way too many big meals today and I feel gross. I wanted to have lost a few pounds by Friday because I am going home this weekend and I know my parents will force me to eat tons. I always gain like 3lbs in a weekend going home. It's nasty. But yeah, those pounds are not going to be off in time.
Though one of my coworkers today asked me how I lose weight without even trying, so that made me feel a little bit better. At least like no one's really noticed that I'm actively avoiding certain foods.

* "brunch salad" (lettuce, apple, walnuts, feta, vinagrette) - ~300
* cup pasta e fagioli soup - ~500
* handful candy corn - 100
* plain yogurt w/ raisin muesli and honey - 300
* banana nut muffin (I need to stop studying at the cafe I work at because they always try to feed me) - 300
lame. I guess I'll be sticking to liquids for a while. That's ok, I accidentally fell asleep after work and I still have 2 projects to complete by tomorrow, so that means a lot of coffee. Way to fuck it up again, self.

Pictures to give me some impetus to stick with it!

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