Wednesday, October 29, 2008

also I wrote an awesome essay on Shakespeare today

OK, so I ended up doing a more liquid fast than straight juice fast. Whatever, still loads better.

1 cup juice, watered down - 80
cup ginger peach tea - 0
2 TUMS - 10
big yerba matte latte with soy - 200
TOTAL: 290

I've decided to start introducing yerba mate into my diet. Apparently it is thermogenic even more than green tea. Plus it's energizing and yummy. I was going to make a cup of straight mate (0 cals) but I had a formal talk to attend and didn't want my stomach to be protesting though some of the world's most preeminent scholars talking about their work.
Now I just have to somehow avoid all the food I will be handed at work tomorrow. Hopefully one of the soups is a broth soup; maybe I will allow myself that.
I am also actually getting shit done in my life and it feels great.

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hey.hana said...

yerba matte..?

pray tell.