Sunday, January 11, 2009


Damnnnnnnn can I just be her? Plus I'm in love with her INSPIRE Magazine spread, omg.

Been decently restricting the past few days. Had a moment of weakness with pizza today, but I did spend like 45 minutes shoveling the walk and the alley so I'm going to rationalize that as making up for it.
I'm actually still around the same weight as when I came home, so since I was expecting the worst, all in all it's been OK.
Next week back on my own so I can stop this ridiculousness. And maybe start actually using my gym membership.... new years resolution maybe even though I think those are stupid? Any low-impact suggestions for a girl with knee problems?


Reese said...

Elliptical machines or even cycling might work for you... cycling burns pretty good calories if done with enough resistance! Good luck and congrats on not gaining while at home! :)

hey.hana said...

Swimming! Lowest impact//highest amount of cals burned

Finnikki said...

Wow...the picture you posted....
Her legs have me envious and her shoulders look obviously not covered in fat like mine anyway.

Anyhow. Yeh. I'm newly following, so...get ready for random/ADHD driven
Best of luck to you, and take care!