Saturday, December 27, 2008

holidays schmolidays

I apologize for my long absence! End-of-semester schoolwork and exams took over my life. Luckily that meant I had very little time to eat. (: Down to around 114 again, I think I'm going to set a goal at 105 for Valentine's Day since it seems to be slow going. Plus I am back at home for the holidays and that is a struggle and a half. So much junk in the house that I end up binging on because I haven't even seen such goodies in so long.

I think tonight I am going to straighten up my room (a good mess - clutters of presents!) and camp out and make me an inspirational notebook of some kind. Feels juvenile but I think it will be a nice break from overinvolved schoolwork. Has anyone else done something like that? Any recommendations?

Hope all you lovelies are doing well in the face of the solstice! Use the post-holiday sales as an excuse to get some exercise walking around the mall, is my suggestion. Haha.


hey.hana said...

I have a huge stack of magazines by my bed and occasionally I put on some good music, go through them, and tear out the ones I like. Once I have enough I get out the glue stick ((or clear tape)) and paste them in to this huge nb I have.

Sometimes I do collage type things where I cut out words and stuff, but that gets kinda messy... So I got sharpies!

I need to do that actually... Next time I want to eat. Thanks for reminding me!

xo Hana

Wraith said...

Haha shopping is always a good idea as far as I am concerned. Plus if I buy my clothes a bit tight it will give me no choice but to lose! The notebook idea is a good one too, I will have to do that.

SophiaRuins said...

oo i love keeping journals and putting thinspo from magazines and printed off the comp and stuff. i keep quotes and song listings and keep track of my weight there too. theyre fun when you get bored =]

XOXO Sophia Ruins <3