Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Uh, so, I gained like 5lbs in the less than a week I was at my parents'. What in the name of all that is holy is that? It wasn't even just Thanksgiving. Since I haven't been home in ages they decided to order out pretty much every other night, as a 'treat'. What? Aren't we supposed to be cowering the face of the failing economy and saving money? My dad actually yelled at me for not having both pasta AND pizza on Sunday night.
My stomach feels enormous and I see my face getting its Polish fat back. Yikes. Though that last bit may or may not partially be due the very unflattering haircut I also received while at home. Hope everyone else had a better time!

Slowly, slowly, I am getting back on track. Fell a little this morning by having a butter croissant (how are there 400 calories packed into that? really?) but I discovered that a can of reduced sodium cut green beans only has about 80 calories, so that was dinner after I spiced it up a bit. I may allow myself a soy yerba mate latte in a bit to cap out at around 600 calories. Not too shabby compared with last week; I'm trying not to beat myself up too much and steadily wean myself off being a fat eater.

Side note: Is it wrong that I feel a little heart-leap of joy every time I see a "closing" sign on a Starbucks? Vivent les independent coffeehouses!


S <3 said...

Ahh, just stay strong.
Parents are weirdo like that, just stuffing and stuffing you with food.

Good luck to yoou, x

Aya said...

good luck keep it up

luckily we havent got twice the problem here in the uk that you have in america - thanksgiving AND christmas god.

anyway... i'm sure youll sort it out just fine.
as for me, im just dreaing christmas

a. xx

Roza said...

holiday seasons are weird like that, i gained weight too during this holiday blegh :(

good luck with your short term goal
and it's not wrong that you feel happy when you see the closed sign, i wish they can put the sign up where i am.

That Girl. said...

Haha i know exactly how that is like
"Go on, have some cake with that brownie! treat yourself"

Just wait until christmas ;]]
Dont worry, you ate so much you need to go back to re-stricting slowly, you'll get there though!

Love xx